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Privacy Policy


Last revised: August 04, 2009


OnesInsurance Privacy Policy

The following privacy statement discloses the privacy practices for OnesInsurance.


OnesInsurance a matchmaking quote service that uses our partner to connect consumers with insurance companies across a variety of insurance policy types. OnesInsurance is not an insurance agency and does not provide quotes directly to consumers. Rather, OnesInsurance is a matching service that instantly connects you with a nationwide network of quality insurance companies through our partner.


Your Privacy is Important to Us


At OnesInsurance, your privacy is our chief concern. Under no circumstances will OnesInsurance sell or share any personal information about you to or with any person or organization except: as authorized by you, to participating agents or other parties involved in your transaction, or as may be required by law or court order.


The Privacy Policy below describes the standards we adhere to in handling information about you and your insurance quote request.


What We Want You to Know


OnesInsurance a matchmaking quote service that uses our partner to connect consumers with insurance companies across a variety of insurance policy types. OnesInsurance is not an insurance agency and does not provide quotes directly to consumers. Rather, OnesInsurance is a matching service that instantly connects you with a nationwide network of quality insurance companies through our partner.


After you submit your quote request via, OnesInsurance directs you to our partner site to immediately match you to local and national insurance companies who can meet your insurance needs. Our partner will create this connection by having the insurance company/agent email you your quote and the insurance company/agent contact information as well as passing your information to the insurance company/agent. Your matching insurance company/agent will use the information you provided in your quote request to provide you with a quote. Sometimes they might not have a matching agent based on your location and insurance needs. In this event, your information may be passed to one of there third party agent networks to ensure that you receive as many competitive quotes as possible.


OnesInsurance does not charge a fee to use our service.


Information Collected


Personal Information

Please our partner site terms/privacy policy before you get your quote.


Technical information

We collect and track certain technical information to ensure that your consumer experience is a beneficial one. We may also use technical information to store your preferences and make future visits to our site quicker for you.


* Cookies – a cookie is a small file stored on a user’s computer that contains information about the user. We use either session ID cookies (which terminate once a browser is closed) or persistent cookies (which are small text files stored on a user’s hard drive for an extended period of time). Cookies allow us to see how and when you use our sites, but they cannot be used to track personal information such as email address or phone number. Cookies also allow us to store the personal preferences that you set during each visit to our sites which can speed up your future visits.


* Log files – OnesInsurance uses log files to track how our sites are being accesses and used. Log files track anonymous user information such as IP addresses, browser types, Internet service providers, referring and exit pages, platform type, date and time stamps, and number of clicks to, from, and within our sites. Web logs are tracked only on OnesInsurance’s servers and do not place anything on your computer.


* Information from Banner Ads – if you arrive at through a banner ad, OnesInsurance can track where you arrived from, as well as clicks that might have impacted our servers. This information is anonymous and cannot be used to gather personal


information about you.


Information from the "Contact Us" section of the web site

If you decide to communicate with us through the “Contact Us” section on our web site, we may ask you for personal information such as your name, email address, or phone number. This information is not sold to any third parties. Your information may, however, be shared with outside sources in order to resolve any problems you may have.


How we share information with insurance company/agent

When you submit a quote request with OnesInsurance, your information is submitted to the insurance company/agent you selected who can best serve your insurance needs though our partner site. In the event that they cannot match you with an insurance company/agent, your information may be passed on to one of there partner companies in an effort to ensure you receive as many competitive quotes as possible.


How we internally use technical information to improve marketing

OnesInsurance uses technical information such as cookies and web logs to study how our sites are being used. We can also use cookies to track your preferences so that when you return to our web site, you can navigate more easily without having to re-enter certain information. By analyzing the data that cookies and web logs provide, we can determine how to improve our web sites and banner ad campaigns to better serve our customers.


Other uses of your information by third parties

* Partner companies – in the event that no agents through our partner site can serve your insurance needs, the information from your quote request may be passed to one of there partner companies. We feel it would be poor customer service to fail to provide a quote merely because no matching agents are available. In these circumstances, they pass your quote request only to partner companies that we have an existing contractual relationship.


OnesInsurance only enters into relationships with reputable companies and our contract requires they follow applicable laws and not misuse the data provided to them. Any contact from partner companies is not covered under this policy, nor are any further communications you may have with agents from those partner companies.


* Law Enforcement – OnesInsurance will share your personal information in response to law enforcement officers, government personnel, court order or subpoena. This information will only be shared in order to comply with a legal obligation.


Communications You Can Expect


Confirmation email


Minutes after you submit a quote request through OnesInsurance partner site, you will receive a confirmation email. This email may include your unique quote request ID, a link to the insurance company/agent and helpful information to aid you in making your insurance choices. Note that the insurance company/agent contained in your matching list will be those responding to you with your customized quote(s).
In the event that a match cannot be made, you will receive an email informing you that no agents meet your quote request requirements. This email will be sent within a matter of hours after you complete a quote request.


Follow up calls and emails from agents

After submitting a quote request through OnesInsurance partner site, your quote request is matched with a qualified, licensed insurance company/agent. The insurance company/agent may contact you via the information that you provided in your quote request.


Agent communications

By submitting a quote request with OnesInsurance partner site, insurance agents will contact you using the phone number and email address provided. In order stop these communications, you must contact the agents directly and request that they stop contacting you.
If you decide to purchase insurance from one of the insurance insurance company/agents matched to you through OnesInsurance partner site, all further contact with that agent is not covered under this policy. You should thoroughly read the Privacy Policy of the agent you select in order to make sure that you are comfortable with their policy.

Quote requests


OnesInsurance is not an agent of you or the insurance agents; we do not recommend any particular insurance agent or type of insurance. Use your own judgment in choosing an insurance agent and policy. We cannot guarantee that you will receive quotes therefore, there is not an opportunity for you to edit your original information after it’s been submitted. We recommend that you communicate the needed changes directly to the insurance company/agent with whom you were matched. You can find your agent(s) contact information in the email our partner site sent you to confirm your quote request. This will ensure your updates are made and that the agent uses the most accurate information available to process your quote.


Notification of Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may, at our sole discretion, revise this policy at any time in a manner consistent with applicable laws and regulations. When we revise this policy, including changes to OnesInsurance’s use of your personal information, we will incorporate the revisions into this policy and will revise the “last revised” date at the top of this web page. We recommend that you regularly visit this policy in order to remain informed about any changes that we may implement.


OnesInsurance Inc Privacy Notice

By filling out the forms and providing information about yourself on this and the following pages, you acknowledge and agree that:


* You have read, understand and agree to OnesInsurance’s Privacy Policy, and OnesInsurance may send you electronically (via email or otherwise) any notices with respect to the Privacy Policy


* OnesInsurance partner site may provide the information you submit to third parties for the purposes of providing you information and quotes about insurance, that such third parties may contact you by the email addresses, physical address or phone numbers that you provide, and that such third parties may use your information to gather additional information about you, such as insurance or credit scores. You further agree that OnesInsurance is not responsible for the third parties’ compliance with any applicable law concerning telephone, e-mail, or facsimile communications with you.


* OnesInsurance partner site may contact you using the information you provide.


* You are an actual person, you have the right to provide the information you submit, and the information you submit is accurate, complete and truthful.


If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Notice and the Privacy Policy, then do not enter your information and do not continue with this process and do not provide your information to OnesInsurance partner site, in which case OnesInsurance partner site will not be able to have any quotes or information for insurance provided to you.

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